Top Male Masturbator |The Fleshlight Launch

The Fleshlight Launch is the latest technology to come from Fleshlight, the brand who revolutionized male masturbators. The Launch is the first.

Is the Fleshlight Launch worth it? Yes, the Fleshlight Launch is the best male masturbator It is significantly better than a hand and blows away all the competition.

Does the Launch feel like a real vagina? Not really, no sex machine can compare to the closeness and intimacy of another person. That said, the Launch, from a purely physical sensation perspective feels better than a vagina. The Launch is capable of perfect rhythmic movements pumping up and down on your penis at up to 180 strokes per minute. It does not tire, complain, or get sore. It is the perfect male sex toy.

When it comes to sex toys, men have been getting shafted(excuse the pun). Women have vibrators and dildos. In fact, dildos have been around for tens of thousands of years! Men have had to stick to their hand up until very recently.

As more and more male sex toys hit the market, it can be a challenge figuring out which one is the “best”.