Welcome to mgbraden.com – a Blog that helps men find amazing masturbation sex toys.

My name is Sarah McArthur and I’m a Blogger, sex therapist, and relationship consoulor.

I’m also a very occasional speaker.

How I Got Started

Way back in 2006 I was just starting college. I was capitavted by this new freedom and very much enjoyed my time there. I had many boyfriends and lovers.

One issue arose in every sexual relationship I had. Men were afraid of sex toys. They were afraid of using male sex toys on themselves, afraid of using sex toys on me, and afraid of bringing sex toys into the bedroom.

This fascinated me. These men, who were confident on the outside, were intimated in the bedroom.

Years later I had graduated College. I was still fascinated by human psychology and still captivated by sex. I combined the two and became a sexual therapist.

That’s my story.